Misguided Youth


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Agent K(ahunasan)
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Agent K(ahunasan) These Upstart Brits get the Punk Pop sound down with tight breakdowns, gang vocals, and upbeat infectious melodies.
Songs of youthful exuberance, honest mistakes, and life lessons follow in the lyrics.
Great for 20 minutes of letting yourself go. Favorite track: Wake Me Up.
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released September 15, 2015



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Track Name: Wake Me Up
When I wake with dirt in my fingernails
And my body aches from the night before
I'm thinking of each decision made
I'll put myself together one day

I tripped and I fell
More times than I could tell

Wake me up because you know that I'll sleep in
These covers feel like stone when they're dragging me in
I passed out in my clothes again
Didn't get to sleep until four AM

Now I'm pushing past the deep end
Just to repair all the loose ends
Forget all the days that I spent
Chasing ghosts down dead ends

I'm not alright
I'm barely okay
I'm so sick of this feeling
Day after day
Track Name: Heavy Weight
My eyes wake to the stubborn clutch
Impelled by the weight of my lack of trust
In anybody close to me
I won't draw a cold shoulder

Find myself a silver lining
Just to aid me in finding
A reminder of my understanding
Not to choose so carelessly

I'm sick of bearing the heavy weight
For nobody else's sake
I'll just lay right here and wait it out
For a touch of fate

Don't want to feel so miserable
Under the weight of it all
I'll keep a tight grip on the reasons why
I let anybody in at all

My mind's cut into stone
But still hidden behind closed walls
Optimism gets the best of me
As I starve myself of dignity

Push myself to take the blame
For every shove I made in vein
To level with my calm demeanour
And pull myself back up again
Track Name: Twenty Two
With every turn I take I find myself
Right back where I begun
Faced with every consequence
That I can't outrun

I'm trying my best to keep
On my own two feet
Moving forward, never looking back
On the ground I tread beneath

Is this the right path for me to choose
To be in debt at twenty two
I'll bring myself right back
Through outdated photographs

All I want to do is find my ground
Like a lost cause it will never be found
The faith I have changes like the weather
Crawl through the dirt to put the pieces together

Everyday I contemplate the same changes that I could make
Pack my things
I don't know where to run
Where's my faith, what have I become

The city lights they blind my eyes
The morning sun passes me by
Every fear I have to show
Did not exist three years ago

Every time I've fallen deep
I've always pushed myself to keep
This ignorance to reality
I refuse to feel like a casualty

Lately I don't feel like
I have time for anyone
I've filled the cracks but this doubtfulness
Makes me come undone

Every time I lose my step
I pick myself back up
I've fallen short of a backup plan
And become prone to bad luck
Track Name: Walking Blind
I swore I'd take each chance I had
Anything that came my way
I'm not cut out to see the day
I'm not cut out in any way

Where all I want is at my feet
I've made too many mistakes
I've made too many mistakes
Have I got what it takes

I'm walking blind
With my mind on the time

I'll take another wrong turn
Then retrace where I have been
To try and find the answers
Or just something in between

With every climb
I bypass all the warning signs
A mistake of mine
Every time I'll cross the line

Feeling less inspired everyday
Cause nothing stays in place
Every step I look back on
Leaves a footprint tinted grey

Every bridge I try to burn
Will rebuild itself some day
Another line to a cliché song
Torn up and thrown away
Track Name: Better Days
Your clutching hand was a cry for help
And is more than meets the eye
You found a taste for something that had
Quickly passed me by

Underneath it all is a lesson learnt
Of which I never shared a line
From a broken home with nowhere to go
And eyes vacant like mine

Never short of a shoulder to fall on to
Hesitant and heavy eyed
Found comfort in the places you were wrong to
Keep it strong, maintain your pride

Don't let the voices in your head
Choose the path you take
We're pushing forward, move along
Truth is we've all seen better days

We find hope in the spaces
We retreat to
With everything in our reach
We shouldn't need to

Thinking back to the days I spent
Optimistic with no direction
Heavy hearted and almost careless
Stubborn minded and fuelled by tension

With every path we choose
We are misguided in our youth
Through false statements
And disregarded truth